Air purifiers

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Air purifiers 

According to the data of various studies, polluted air is on the 5th place among the reasons of various diseases. The level of toxic substances in closed premises is 10-50 times higher than the one outdoors, and we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. The use of air purifiers and compact ventilation systems “ECO FRESH” providing inflow of fresh clean air is the alternative and a step to the new quality of life and health.

“ECO FRESH” mini air purifiers create a healthy microclimate indoors: they purify the air, destroy viruses and bacteria, remove odors, eliminate dust, fungus, mold and pollen, neutralize cigarette smoke, as well as intercept hair, fur, and fluff of pets.

This device will be especially useful for individuals suffering from asthma and allergies caused by dust. It is also perfect for the equipment of hospital rooms, children’s rooms and studying halls. Naturally, the use of this device does not mean that there is no need to provide inflow of fresh air to the premises.

Highly effective three-level filtering system (coal filter, fine filter, and HEPA filter) is able to intercept up to 99.97% of the smallest dust particles with the size exceeding 0.3 micron, as well as allergens coming from dust mites and pets, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. It also greatly decreases organic and residual odors.

Negative ion generator makes the air fresh by emitting a balanced quantity of negatively charged ions. These ions have a beneficial effect on human health. 

In-built cost-saving fan provides a constant inflow for the filtration of polluted air that is returned to the room after purification and enrichment with negatively charged ions.

Special features of ECO FRESHNESS mini air purifier:

Cost-efficient — low power consumption (17 W/hour).

Compact and easy-to use, does not require maintenance or cleaning.

No side effects, the process of air purification is absolutely natural. Neither chemicals nor toxic materials are used. The device does not influence the temperature or humidity of the environment.