Collection: Heat-recovery systems Eco-Fresh

According to the World Health Organization, the most harmful to the human organism, among all other environmental influences, is the polluted air. The report released in 2013 announces that polluted air is the most significant threat to human health and, contrary to popular belief, the air inside premises is more dangerous than the one outside.
The rooms contain many bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other microorganisms harmful to humans. Some of these microorganisms evolve due to poor air conditioning, high temperature, sometimes due to excessively dry air. In most cases, our homes have no barriers against dangerous organic particles contained in contaminated outdoor air and which are penetrating unfiltered into our homes.
Modern people does not even know how many of his health problems are caused by air in his own home or workplace and this is where we spend 90% of our live.
Heating or cooling are a first-rate function for air conditioners that regulate the temperature but do not change the stale air in the room.
“Eco-Fresh” is a big step in the ventilation systems development. The use of Eco-Fresh in living rooms sets a new level in fresh air supply. As a base the system “Eco-Fresh” has a silent fan with double-encapsulated ball bearings, multi-stage filtration system, thermostat, heat exchanger, ionizer and humidity sensor. The heat exchanger keeps the same air temperature and the built-in ionizer fills the air with negative ions, which has antiseptic effect, kills disease-causing microorganisms – viruses and bacteria, preventing infections and acute respiratory diseases.