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Designer super-thin fan MMP Ø100, 60m³/h, glass, light gray

Designer super-thin fan MMP Ø100, 60m³/h, glass, light gray

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This fan has style, unadulterated identity and quality. With its front panel made of oval glass, it would bring a marked touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, and the short body - only 30 mm makes this fan very useful especially for rooms where the air duct makes a turn immediately after the wall. Equipped with a motor with rotating bearings, it guarantees trouble-free operation for 30,000 hours.
In addition to its simple elegance, it has excellent technical characteristics and would be an excellent accessory to your bathroom or any other room in your home where it needs permanent or forced ventilation.
Suitable for bathrooms, sanitary units, and other small and medium-sized residential, commercial or industrial premises.


The MMP Series fans are made of high-quality and harmless materials, and they comply with noise and fire safety standards.

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