Axial fans for equipment cooling

Price  38 - 100
Body material
Productivity (air exchange), м³/h 0240 м³/h
Maximum operating temperature, C°

Axial fans for equipment cooling

Fans of VA series are intended for: 

- cooling of electrical control panels; 

- electric cabinet ventilation units;

- installation in electronic devices and use in instrumentation and automation;

- cooling of welding devices and plasma cutting machinery;

- installation in cooling and ventilation systems, as well as in air conditioning devices;

- installation in household air heaters and heat exchangers.

Technical specifications

All fans of this type are equipped with built-in single-phase electric engines with shielded poles, as well as short-circuited rotor with double-capsule bearings. The fan has square shape with internal fins and a stator attached to them.

VA series axial fans are suitable for air ducts with the following sections: Ø90, Ø100, Ø120, Ø135, and Ø150. They can also be made for the source voltage of 230V, 115V, 36V or 24V with the frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Insulation class: "H” – 180 °C or “L” - 200 °C.

The level of protection of in-built electric engine — IP 44 — allows the fan to work normally under the conditions of high humidity.

Conditions of use:

The fans were designed for use in various climatic conditions with the temperature of the environment varying from -50°C to + 60°C (up to +150°C for heat-resistant series) and the relative humidity up to 98%.