Two-speed fans

Installation diameter
Additional equipment
Front panel material

Dual-speed fans
This category includes double-speed series MM-2S fans, which will be useful in places where it is required to constantly change the power and noise of the exhaust equipment. The factory produces ММ120-2S and ММ150-2S models designed for ventilation holes with the diameters of Ø123 mm and Ø155 mm respectively.

These fans provide continuous or intermittent ventilation with incredibly low energy use (from 4 to 13 Wh) and low noise level (from 18 dB). They are suitable for air exhaust from small and middle-sized residential, office or commercial premises. These fans can also be used as heat exchangers for adjacent rooms. Depending on the model and mode used (standard or cost-saving) the air exchange values vary from 75 to 240 m3/h.
The fans are installed on walls, ceilings, and dropped ceilings; they can be attached to air ducts or pipes of the building’s ventilation system.

Safety and high level of comfort
The fans have low noise level and are made of high quality and non-toxic materials; they meet fire safety standards.
The level of protection of in-built electric engine —IP 44— allows the fan to work normally under the conditions of high humidity. All household exhaust fans are equipped with a net preventing insects from entering the room. They can also be customized with additional options: check valve, timer, humidity and light sensors.
The fans are connected to a monophase network using a switch or dimmer allowing to control the speed of rotation (not for all models). They can also be customized for other supply voltage.