Price  2 - 75
Installation diameter
Productivity (air exchange), м³/h 0169 м³/h
Sauna & Steam Room Fans
As a result of excessive sweating and the process of heat emission during the use of the sauna, toxins, liquids and bacteria that negatively influence human respiratory system are emitted inside the room.  

In this aspect, sauna ventilation is an important factor for increasing comfort, providing air recirculation, as well as decreasing the harm for the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems.
Forced sauna ventilation additionally enhances the health-improving effect, facilitating the increase of the body’s own healing activity and its ability to recover.
Apart from the positive effect of forced sauna ventilation on human health, there is also practical benefit for the sauna itself, its durability in particular. To put it simply, the boards dry faster, and your sauna will be useful for a longer time. 
This is why we have developed a special heat-resistant fan for saunas, which works at the temperature of up to 140°С and humidity of up to 100%. The device is also equipped with a check valve preventing cold air from entering the room in case the fan is turned off.
Our sauna fans demonstrate high speed of air flow and uncompromised quality. These fans provide continuous or intermittent ventilation with low energy use.
They are suitable for air exhaust from small and middle-sized residential, office or commercial premises. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose models with various levels of air exchange: from 100 to 150 m3/h. 
The fans are installed on walls and ceilings; they can be attached to air ducts or pipes of the building’s ventilation system with attachment diameters of 100 mm and 120 mm.
Electric engine of the fan, its enclosure, blades, and the check valve are made of materials that allow the device to work under the conditions of high temperature and humidity. The devices can be installed directly inside the room without the risk of overheating. For the true fans of sauna culture we created a special ecological design — the fan is made of various wooden panels to make it look natural in sauna entourage. All the panels are treated with a special formula protecting the wood from the effects of 100% humidity. 
Safety and high level of comfort
The fans have low noise level and are made of high quality and non-toxic materials; they meet fire safety standards.
The levels of protection of in-built electric engine — IP X4 and IP 56 — allow the fan to work normally under the conditions of high humidity. 
The fans are connected to a monophase network using a switch or dimmer allowing to control the speed of rotation. 
They can also be customized for other supply voltage. Low-voltage models (12V) guarantee high safety level.