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Heat-resistant duct fan VO T ⌀135mm

Heat-resistant duct fan VO T ⌀135mm

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Designed for installation in Ø90, Ø120, Ø135 and Ø150 air ducts for ventilation,

air conditioning and heating systems.


Heat resistant  (VO-T ) is applicable to heating and ventilation systems with airflow’s maximum temperature up to 150°C.



• This fan (VO-T) is for distribution of hot air up to 150 Degrees Celsius. Please measure the temperature of the flue before installing this unit.

• This fan (VO-T) can be used in heat exchangers of fireplaces or other heating instillations. 



• The fan (VO-T)  is NOT suitable for extracting smoke from a burning fireplace where temperature of   the smoke can reach up to 250 Degrees.


The fans are equipped with a built-in electric motor with double-capsulated ball bearings which guarantee 30.000 hours of faultless operation when installed horizontally or vertically.

The body and the turbine, are manufactured from aluminum alloy, which guarantees efficient cooling and better fire safety.

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