Collection: Short-Spigot bathroom fans

This type of fan belongs to the category of fans with a small mounting depth.  This was made possible thanks to a unique technical solution in the design of a patented ultrathin motor.  Perfect quality of work, powerful airflow, low noise level 23- 27 dB. The minimum thickness of the motor allows you to install the fan where the mounting space is very limited. For example: suspended ceiling, duct bend, thin wall, your mobile home (camper), etc.  In addition, elegant front panels made of glass, plastic, metal or wood will decorate the interior of your living room, bathroom or toilet. The design of our fans will help you create a unique style for your apartment, office or home. You can also choose models with an empty panel for installing embroidered wall tiles, mosaics or decorative stone.  In addition to fans powered by AC mains with a voltage of 220-240 volts, we also offer low-voltage models with 12 volts of AC. The degrees of protection of the built-in electric motor allow the fan to operate normally in high humidity conditions.