Our advantages

- FIRST - HAND - Mmotors.shop is the official online store of the factory, we sell products without intermediaries, extra charges and delays.

- PROFITABLE DELIVERY, regardless of weight and size - we offer flexible delivery options at a price and time to any country in the world. 

- THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARTS: European manufacturing from A to Z.

- OLD TRADITIONS: the history of Mmotors JSC started in the 60-s of the XX century

- KNOW-HOW AND UNIQUE MODELS: the part of our assortment of goods is taken by products with unique characteristics manufactured only by the factories we represent.

- EXTENDED WARRANTY for most products on the site.

- ALWAYS IN STOCK, everything we offer is in our own warehouses.

- SPECIALIZATION: we do not sell dozens of thousands of goods, but we know everything about each of the items we sell.