Price  51 - 656
Productivity (air exchange), м³/h 0169 м³/h

Ventilation units

According to the data of various studies, polluted air is on the 5th place among the reasons of various diseases. The level of toxic substances in closed premises is 10-50 times higher than the one outdoors, and we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. The use of air purifiers and compact ventilation systems “ECO FRESH” providing inflow of fresh clean air is the alternative and a step to the new quality of life and health.

“ECO FRESH” compact ventilation systems create a healthy microclimate in your apartments, houses and offices, delivering filtered and oxygen-enriched air from the outside to the rooms. The system provides quality purification from smells, dust, bacteria, and exhaust gases of vehicles. Quality filters are used in the equipment: coal filter and fine filters (HEPA filters are available for some models and custom orders) able to purify even the most polluted air.

The models equipped with ionizer devices additionally decontaminate incoming air, which also provides a positive influence on the health of individuals suffering from bronchial asthma, migraine, respiratory diseases, coronary vascular diseases, and neurotic disorders.

Air handling units equipped with a ceramic (recuperative) heat exchanger provide the inflow of not only clean, but heated to a certain temperature air, and the exhaust air is removed from the room according to set time intervals. 

Depending on the model, you can choose a device with forced heating of incoming air, which is very useful during winter, especially in countries with cold climate. 

Certain models of “ECO FRESH” are equipped with carbon monoxide (the so-called white damp) sensor, which is especially important for households heated with furnaces and fireplaces, as well as humidity sensor (a useful function for regions with increased air humidity). 

Anyone willing to get rid of fatigue, increase their work efficiency and preserve their health is recommended to purchase “ECO FRESH” ventilation installation. 

“ECO FRESH” ventilation equipment is small and can be easily installed indoors with small exhausts both outdoors and inside the rooms. 

The factory also manufactures new, separately installed air purifiers equipped with HEPA filter and ionizer, protecting the people around them from pathogenic germs and viruses.