Price  99 - 310
Productivity (air exchange), м³/h 3754500 м³/h

Axial fans with mounting plate

This category includes PVO series fans designed for continuous or intermittent ventilation of residential, administrative, commercial, industrial and agricultural premises of medium and large sizes. 

This equipment is used under the conditions of normal fire hazard (in compliance with fire safety regulations for buildings and constructions) and can be installed on the walls, floors, ceiling panels, etc. 

All PVO series fans are equipped with asynchronous engines including two-capsule bearings produced by a Japanese company, NSK, which is guaranteed to work for 30000 hours without any flows if installed horizontally or vertically. The level of protection is IP 54. According to customer’s request, it can be increased to IP 55, which will allow the fan to work not only in closed premises, but also outdoors, in increased humidity conditions.

PVO series fans can be split into the following groups according to their capacity and noise levels:

- High-capacity: PVO 154/2; PVO 200/2; PVO 250/2; PVO 300/2.

- Low noise level: PVO 154/4; PVO 200/4; PVO 250/4; PVO 300/4; PVO 350/4; PVO 400/4.

- Near-silent: PV 200/6; PV 250/6; PV 300/6; PV 350/6.

Energy efficient series, PVO-UE (consumption from 14 W), needs to be mentioned separately. 

The maximum value of capacity depends on the voltage and the incidence angle of the spinner.

According to special requests, the fans can be made for work with different voltage and frequencies. 

PVO series fans can be equipped with a dimmer.

Double-pole fan can be modified from 900 RPM to 2600 RPM, and four-pole fans can be modified from 500 RMP to 1400 RPM. This allows the user to gradually change the speed of fan’s rotation and regulate capacity and the level of noise to the desired level.